Home maintenance tips for summer

There is no time like the summertime and another summer is knocking at your door, if you endured a couple season of rough weather conditions or if you have experience of differed maintenance to take care of your home, now you need to start tackling some home maintenance tips for summer. Wind, rain, and changing weather may have retaliated havoc with your fence, roof or yard.

If you follow this guide it will be able to spruce up your home both inside and outside and glorious sunny days make summer an ideal season for you and your home. You can get a safer home if you point out the problems and wear and tear before they become hazards.

Home maintenance tips for summer

Check your roof: You should be inspected your roof annually and ensure that you won’t end up with leaks when the rain comes again. A strong storm season may have left you with shingles or loose tiles. Try to finding out a small problem before it converts large problem. You may clean your roof regularly to avoid any long-term problem or permanent water damage.

Air conditioning tune-up: The number one priority of home maintenance tips for summer is to have your air cooling unit tuned up. Your air condition needs to be tuned and it’s very important as like as your car tuned to prevent and inspected unwanted emergencies. It’s better for your AC tune-up is used to inspect refrigerant levels cause it’s running cool your AC and reduce your electric bill and make sure that your fan is functioning well. You can reduce your AC bill by changing out your air filters, you can changing them once a month.

As another summer home maintenance, you need to clean your AC filter twice times of a month if it is running all-time high. You can clean it with warm water or use the vacuum cleaner. Some air conditioners have a self-cleaning function.

Clean gutters: Regularly cleaning gutters will help prevent clogging and dispensable leaks. Experts recommended that gutters are cleaned at least twice the time of a year, once may early winter season and another time maybe early summer season when seeds, flowers, and blossoms are done blowing off.

Check your window: Make sure that the hot and sunny summer heat stays outside by summer home maintaining checklist your home’s windows. One of the main summer home safety tips is in window maintenance checking routinely the sealants. Make sure not only inside but also outside are caulk and secured any open areas in between. Also, recheck weather stripping for any defect and replace it urgently if there is an issue. Taking care of window is a part of home care tips which will keep your home looking good.

When you clean your windows you can use a toothbrush or paintbrush to get reach hard areas of your window.

Home-maintenance-tips-for-summerClean your carpets: To protect your carpets you should be cleaning this at least once a year. Summer is the best time among all seasons. If you want to save your money you may rent a machine at the supermarket, this machine sucks the filth and dust from your carpet.

Showerheads: It is the most important summer maintenance tips for your home because showerhead is one of the favorite parts of your home. If you have not clean your shower before, maybe it’s well in the past time but if you don’t care of your showerhead it can be damaged. Slip a rubber or elastic band the top of the shower head you may loop it around the shower arm.

Keeping the cool inside of your home: Saving energy get top concentration specifically when your electricity bills increasing high like the outside temperatures. Hopefully, in the season of spring, you have rechecked air cooler machine and as repairmen, because they are busy in the summer-time. It’s an important part of home maintenance tips for summer.

If you use ceiling fans it is an effective way to get cool air and it reduces your electric bill than AC. Clean dust if needed. For extra power saving, recheck your home doors and windows for which way air goes out and seal all damage areas if needed. You need to be aware the cooling air, so that you take steps against escaping outdoors air.

Washing machine maintenance: Washing machine is one of those apparatus that need extra care and mild maintenance. If your washer is not using regularly, seal the door opening and drum areas to protect it from any stains. Clean it with a mixture of chlorine bleach and warm water. Then wipe your machine with a clean cotton cloth and let it dry naturally. This will eliminate any odd smell and keep your clothes safes from stain by dirt.

Examine your clothes dryer vent: This is a critically important home maintenance tips and tricks and it should be done regularly at least once a year and it depends on the size of the household dryer. According to the National Fire Protection Agency of America over 15k+ dryer burnt happened in the USA, 2010. A plugged dryer vent can be burnt the heating components.

Home-maintenance-tips-for-summerPressure wash the exterior: An important home care tips is that maintaining your home’s exterior is to regularly clean it and easy way is to pressure wash the exterior walls. Do it to remove stains, dirt, mildew, and painting. Before wash ensure that your electrical outlet, cover plant, doors, and windows to exclude any misfortune.

Clean driveway and walkway: Another important home maintenance tips for summer is to thoroughly clean walkway and driveway are to use a pressure washer. Before using pressure washer it is better to check all areas of weeds and cracks. Once you have examines everything, then wash away all things that have been sitting on there for the passing year.

If you have any other home maintenance tips for summer, you can share your home care tips with us. Summer season is full of swing, heart, storms, humidity, and air cooler bills! And also summer is the great time to take advantages of the hot and warm weather. Enjoying the summer season you can follow all summer home maintenance tips.

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